Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rolland Garros

The French Open in the beautiful city of Paris. I can’t believe the only picture I took during this tournament was getting off the train from Germany with Robby, biscuit, and Sam.

Not the best tournament for the guys over here. JB lost a really tough match in terrible conditions. He was the last match to finish and it was freezing cold, windy and dark; tough conditions to play in to say the least.

Sam also lost a tough match where both guys served great but a few points here and there and the match is over. This is not an easy sport. These guys are pretty tough to be able to deal with wins and losses every week.

Next stop for me is a flight to Miami to visit Mr. Mark Merklien and his wife. Merk has been working on a home gym for awhile and I finally have a chance to check it out. Very excited to spend some time down there!

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